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Who I Work With

Executives & Management Professionals

Looking to stay in their zone of expertise (job title/level) OR a career re-direct AND want more success & satisfaction.

Non-Traditional Job Seekers

People in the 2nd half of their career considering a career re-direct to a different position, level and/or title. Get ready to map your transferrable skills.

Business Owners & Entreprenuers

After doing your own thing, you are considering a career re-direct. Ready to relinguish the solo work, you want to get into a bigger company.


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Life has been stressful for all of us on so many levels recently. Like some of you, I have spent a lot of sleepless nights since March wondering if my spouse, an essential worker, will come home from work and give me COVID-19. However, unlike some of you, I probably wouldn’t survive it — if I […]

My Post-Acquisition Advice to Humans

December 15, 2019 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Until recently, I had been through 9 company acquisitions. In a 12-year span, I sat on integration teams on both sides of mergers and acquisitions that ranged from multi-million to multi-billion-dollar deals that affected approximately 1,000 employees. All the companies involved were successful, thriving businesses experiencing some of their strongest financial years when the deal was struck.  […]


What My Clients Say

" Working with Cindy has changed my life tremendously. I completed the Birkman Signature assessment as part of my coaching with her, and she walked me through my results with care and concern. I was able to discover my motivations and underlying unspoken needs – basically what makes me tick. Cindy explained everything to me in a very clear and thoughtful manner, and I felt that she ‘got me.’ She’s a great coach with incredible patience and insight. I completely trust her and appreciate her professionalism as well as her kind heart and ability to zone in on my needs. Cindy is a top-notch career coach! "

Marketing Executive