Cindy Goyette, SPHR, MAOM, CC

Welcome to my personal blog site.

As a People Leader, Talent Strategist, Profiler, and Career Connector, I care deeply that people are, or aren’t, using their talents, skills and experiences in work that lights them up.  I believe that the innate talents we’ve been given are a gift – unique to each of us that we are to realize and share with others.

Over the course of my HR/Talent career, I’ve witnessed firsthand when people are truly aligned to the right vocations, they are the best versions of themselves. They are passionate about what they do and in turn they help the company they work for be better and more profitable.

Deep down, we all crave purposeful, satisfying work so when it is all said and done – we’ve made a difference and our lives mattered.

People Matter in Business.