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STOP ‘Looking for a Job’ Immediately

November 16, 2020 | Uncategorized | No Comments

I was reminded of a powerful reality when I was on a video call with a client recently. Her shoulders were low, she was talking more quietly than usual, and she explained that she had no luck again this week as she was ‘looking for a job.’ And I could visibly see the fatigue in her […]

My Post-Acquisition Advice to Humans

December 15, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Until recently, I had been through 9 company acquisitions. In a 12-year span, I sat on integration teams on both sides of mergers and acquisitions that ranged from multi-million to multi-billion-dollar deals that affected approximately 1,000 employees. All the companies involved were successful, thriving businesses experiencing some of their strongest financial years when the deal was struck.  […]

Whenever I take a road trip as an adult I’m reminded of my childhood when my family took long car trips. At regular intervals we’d ask, or sometimes whine, “Are we THERE yet??” Not unlike antsy backseat passengers, your employees have a continued interest in where your business is in relation to its journey (i.e. its direction […]

GREAT Leaders Have Followers, Do You?

October 16, 2017 | Uncategorized | No Comments

One of my favorite sayings is “Leadership is NOT about you. It’s about THEM.” I like it because it focuses on the fact that great leaders have followers. Followers are willing individuals who choose to follow because they believe the leader is going somewhere or doing something they, too, would like to experience. And, on any given day, […]

You don’t have to look far to find articles about employee engagement because they’re everywhere lately. And it’s not surprising that these articles continue to provide reminders that the quality of an employee’s direct manager remains in the Top 3 of the most important factors that affect their level of engagement. Most employees will tell you […]

When you think of the word accountability, what typically comes to mind is ‘responsibility’ and some sort of ensuing punitive action. We think of the authority figure who asks, “Who is responsible for this (fill in the blank)?” And if we’re the one in charge, we fear the consequence. An alternative to that perspective is the way […]

I’ve had a lot of career development discussions with employees, managers and leaders over the course of my career.  The feedback I received from them prompted this topic to become SIMPLE TRUTH #10.  Because I believe words matter, I always seek to get clarity about how people define the words they use.  So, I asked them to explain […]

Although researchers and professionals have been studying human performance and motivation for many decades, company leaders today realize they have to pay more attention to engagement than they did in the past.     Although researchers and professionals have been studying human performance and motivation for many decades, company leaders today have begun to realize that they have […]