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As leaders communicating all types of information to your organization, please know your people, in return, want to communicate with you. They want to give you input and feedback based on their perspectives. However, in order to have the ongoing dialogue your employees expect, you need to be receptive to hearing what they have to […]

Are we there yet??  Information and how effectively it is communicated through an organization directly correlates to its overall productivity and the engagement of its people.  That said, I have found that many leaders spend little time planning how or what information they will communicate throughout their organization. SIMPLE TRUTH #5: People want regular and relevant […]

One of my favorite sayings is “Leadership is not about you. It’s about them.” I like it because it focuses on the fact that leaders have followers. Followers are willing individuals who choose to follow because they believe the leader is going somewhere or doing something they, too, would like to experience. On any given […]

There was a time when there were generally two kinds of jobs – those where people’s lives were on the line everyday (law enforcement, fire/rescue, the armed forces, etc.); and office jobs where people sat at a desk all day and whose only potential safety threats were minor hazards like tripping in the hallway and […]

Without a solid understanding of humans and their behavior, many executives make business decisions about those aspects which consequently affect their people. As a result, employees’ behavior then either helps or hinders a wide range of business activities that lead to increased (or decreased) profits.

‘hr lady’ – but not really

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I get apprehensive in public when strangers ask me what I do. When I am not at work, I am more introverted and I enjoy observing human interaction. I am a behavioral scientist at heart – passionate about organizational psychology and human performance.  Although my off-duty wish is to avoid communicating with chatty networkers, it is usually inevitable […]