Helping People SHINE is My Life

People know me as a genuinely curious and caring woman who is passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves at work.  A bit of a geek about human potential, motivation and organizational psychology, I appreciate every individual because we are all so similar and different at the same time.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

h. thurman

I love this quote.  It resonates with me because as I get to know people, it is obvious to me what lights them up and from there, I help them discover their innate talents, grow in self awareness, and then align their uniqueness to work they love.  I believe that if you are not fulfilled in your work – it’s highly likely that your talents and your needs (motivators) are not aligned with the right vocation, or job, for you.

I have a palatable knack for seeing people’s uniqueness and helping them align it to the right job and work environment for them – so they can SHINE.

I provide expert services to job seekers and business leaders seeking to align talent and business strategy. Delivered via proven profiling tools, counseling and individual coaching services, I arm job seekers with the confidence, self esteem and accountability they need to secure rewarding employment. My talent strategy expertise empowers and educates business leaders to create actionable plans for the growth of their workforce by means of strategic planning and talent acquisition.

I serve my clients by aligning the mutual goals of job seekers and business leaders to find the right talent for the right position.


My approach comes from a place of true CURIOSITY and CARING about my clients’ unique talents and fulfillment in their job. My communication style is straight-forward and direct in order to effectively support my client’s personal accountability in the process. Life is too short and too precious to be lived at a job or in a work environment that doesn’t align with one’s core values and talents, or bring you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

When you find your DIAMOND and stick with it – you make space not only for your brilliance, but also, for others to perform and SHINE from their true strengths as well.

Cindy goyette, career connector


The Birkman Method is a behavioral assessment used for decades to help organizations align their human capital (people & talents) with their business strategy. It is a management tool created to help individuals become more aware of how they are behaving when they are their most productive and effective selves at work. Depicted by a DIAMOND in the Birkman report, this is what I call your ‘Best Self.’    

I’ve been certified to use the Birkman with client companies, employees and job seekers since 2009. Since then, I have successfully helped hundreds of people increase their self-awareness, embrace what is unique about their cumulative experience and become better versions of themselves at work.

  • Unlike other ‘personality’ tests, the Birkman expands beyond personality to include social perception and occupational interests that reveal more holistically your behavioral styles, motivations, inner needs that are not obvious to others, how your behavior changes when you are under stress, and how all that influences your career choices and direction.
  • With the self-awareness you gain from the Birkman report, you will understand your unique Inner Compass and be able to correct common misperceptions you have of yourself in order to live more of your life in your DIAMOND.  
  • Also inherent to the Birkman is the visual data that shows the direct path between you, your strengths and NEEDS, why you gravitate to certain types of work (INTERESTS) and why you did, or didn’t, like your job duties, teammates, managers and even the companies you worked for.
  • With all these insights, you are then able to direct your job search actions toward the right jobs, titles, positions and type of companies where you can increase your chances of having more fulfillment and satisfaction in what you do.
  • The assessment consists of a 298-item questionnaire delivered via an on-line link from me and takes about 45 minutes to complete. The assessment includes a customized report that you’ll receive in addition to our subsequent meetings re: career & job search alignment.

What Sets The Birkman Method Apart

Other ‘personality’ assessments categorize individuals based solely on personal characteristics and omit all situational factors surrounding them.  Respondents get a ‘label’ that is usually a color or a personality title of some kind giving them a one-dimensional take away. For example, respondents say, “I am an ENTP” or “I am a high C [Conscientious]” or “I am a Relator, Strategic, Achiever, Arranger, Learner” and they share that with their colleagues and nothing inherently changes within the team dynamic. With those assessments, respondents are not provided with contextual information that helps them grow in self-awareness of 1) how they show up to the outside world (Usual), 2) what their internal motivators are (Needs) or 3) how they behave when they are stressed out. 

The concept of NEEDS and their importance is a key factor in what sets The Birkman Method apart. With the knowledge individuals gain from the data reported in their Birkman, they are better equipped to take accountability for their behaviors, words, and actions. In addition, they gain an understanding of their STRESS behaviors and are provided strategies to help them move out of stress and back into their USUAL behavior – their most effective and productive self.

The four main elements of a Birkman Assessment are:

  • Usual Behavior = One’s default style, most effective and productive behavior that is observable by others – connoted as a DIAMOND.
  • Underlying Needs = Internal motivators, expectations that the individual has, about how others should treat them that are invisible to others.
  • Stress Behavior =  Ineffective, negative behaviors (frustrated, acting out behaviors) that occur when Needs are not met and that are observable by others.
  • Interests = Areas of interest indicating what an individual prefers to do and how they prefer to direct their energies, as measured by 10 scales correlating to over 160 different occupational roles and careers.
By aligning your inner compass with your experiences and talents, you can navigate toward a fulfilling career.


Is a current or previous executive, manager, business owner or entrepreneur job seeker who is in the 2nd half of their career and is either: 1) looking to stay in her/his zone of expertise (job title/level) or 2) considering a career re-direct to a different position, job type or level


Who is seeking to increase self awareness about her/his unique inner compass (motivators), typically unspoken needs, and behaviors that are helping, or could be hindering, her/his future job fulfillment and success.

Ideal for job seekers who have been laid off, downsized, previous business owners, or who have been out of the workforce for a period of time and may be questioning ‘who can I do what I do better so I have more fulfillment in my work? or ‘should I do different work this time around?’ or ‘what could I do for work given my experience?’ If you are any of these and would like my help – check out my packages and pricing page.