At the end of every year, I spend time reflecting on what I accomplished, what I didn’t get done, and what I learned about myself that I’d like to improve on. Then in January, I set goals to focus more time on doing things that inspire me to be my best self in the year ahead. Continuous growth and improvement are hardwired in my DNA. That innate drive helps me thrive in work where every day has different people challenges and problems to evaluate and solve with business leaders. Yet I, like most people, have blind spots and on occasion find myself stuck in a comfort zone.

In 2018, I joined a Mastermind group of professional career women entrepreneurs. It’s a group of 6 and a facilitator with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. If you’ve never participated in one, the experience can be summed up in two words – TOUGH LOVE. Each month, we state our wins since last meeting, as well as, our fears and struggles with goals we’ve set for the coming month. At each meeting, one person is in the hot seat and must reveal a challenge she’s facing so the group can offer fresh perspectives, education, advice, and critical feedback as needed. It was those ladies holding me accountable when I was in the hot seat who reminded me of who I am and what makes me light up.

While I was busy with my business coaching leaders, doing HR contract work, struggling to make time to market myself to get more clients, I was in a comfort zone. And NONE of the activity I was doing was feeding my soul. My inner light had dimmed and my self-assurance, typically a strength, had all but disappeared somewhere last fall. I wasn’t working in my zone of genius and therefore, I was a hypocrite.

You see, my talent is TALENT. I am an experienced talent professional who has helped hundreds of people with diverse competencies and personalities connect to their dream jobs. Helping people realize their unique talents and aligning them with fulfilling careers – lights me up. Helping companies ensure they have the right talent to execute their business strategy – lights me up. And I learned that it’s hard to be your authentic self when you aren’t living your true calling because others can read that energy. My Mastermind group saw my blind spot and called bullshit. It was embarrassing at first, but then liberating. 

“Do Not Lie to Yourself. We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”


I had to get honest with myself about what I wanted (which was NOT what I was doing!) and take a risk. It was a Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway moment – like the day in the photo above when I hiked on an active volcano. So, I stopped. In December, I finished my last contract project, pulled down my website, updated my resume, committed to myself – and now publicly to you – that I am excited to be seeking a full-time Talent leadership position.

Relatively plug and play in the areas of Talent Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Organizational Development and Effectiveness, I work best in ambitious and fast-evolving companies where I collaborate with leaders and hiring managers to ensure they have the right talent to execute their business strategy.

If you or your company is hiring, let’s connect via email or phone 303-906-0505 to see how I can help you and your company find great talent OR help you align your talent to a job with a great company!

NOTE: To my WEBO Mastermind group, I am sincerely grateful for your friendship, continued encouragement and candor. I am blessed to know you all and look forward to us manifesting our visions for 2019. [SHINE]

Cindy Goyette, SPHR – Talent Strategist – 2019